Silk & Moss - NANA Headwrap "Dawn"
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NANA Headwrap "Dawn"

NANA Headwrap "Dawn"

The NANA headwrap is 100% batik, hand-dyed thick cotton fabric from Ghana. 
To protect your tresses or simply lift your outfit, NANA's beautiful and unique patterns will crown you with allure and coolify your poise.

The NANA headwrap is a about 1,20cm x 60cm to allow you create knots, creases, twists or bows. The edges are serged with polyester thread to prevent fraying.

The pattern on each side of the NANA head wrap are slightly different, making your turban look twice as gorgeous.

Now wrap away!

100% cotton
Care instructions: Handwash/ Mashine on handwash programme, hang to dry, medium to high heat iron.

Ships within 3 working days.

180 SEK120 SEK